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What really makes Brave Voice Books so special?

Simple, creative and fun invitations to innovative solutions for any situation.

Join Your Brave Voice to Our Choir

"My dream for this work was to create a safe and fertile space to invite and encourage each inner child and true essence back out to play.

This work’s intention is to guide you back to who you already are; back to that beautiful and unique recipe of strengths, values, skills and creativity that only you possess and for you to reclaim these resources on your terms.

My hope is that you can clear through life’s clutter and give time and space to playing with your favourite medium on the blank canvas,

blank page, or empty stage waiting patiently in each of us."

Gillian Walter, Author & Artist

When I am not writing, painting, or walking my Schnauzer, you can find me at Inside-Out Coaching in my Coaching and Coaching Supervision 'day job'.  Get in touch to find out more:


Thanks for your interest in Brave Voice Books. We look forward to hearing from you!

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