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Brave Voices Creative Reflection Groups are the place to be if you want to increase your creative and reflective presence and awareness.


We all have situations that frustrate, confuse or trigger us-it's half the fun of being human! These supportive and experiential groups come together once per season and use original Brave Voices art and poetry to reflect on whatever is important for each participant.


These groups are open to all anyone who is interested in taking their self-development and awareness to a new level in a perfect environment to reflect differently and deeply around anything.


Choir of Brave Voices Groups are a particularly creative and insightful space for people professionals to gather, support growth and challenge blind spots-together.


At the end of each seasonal group gathering (Spring, Summer, Late-Summer, Autumn & Winter), each participant is sent these original Choir of Brave Voices reflection sheets.


Each 4-page handout includes beautiful original artwork, poetry, 'postscript' background information and starting points for additional reflection. They include client session check-in and check out prompts to keep the reflection momentum moving both for professionals and clients.


Bring more creativity, new perspectives and insight into client sessions and into your own reflection and personal development with these beautiful and original resources.


Want to know more about the Choir of Brave Voices Reflection Groups? Get in touch to find out more!

Brave Voices Creative Reflection Group Resources: Winter

CHF 39.00Price
  • This beautiful and thought inspiring resource accompanies the Spring Brave Voices Creative Reflection Group.

    This 4-Page pdf contains brand new new and unpublished art, poetry, background 'postscript and reflection starting points. It is ready to download and the perfect addition to any personal and professional creative reflection practice.



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