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Let's play with creative curiosity!

What really makes Brave Voice Books so special? Simple, creative and fun invitations to innovative solutions for any situation.

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Born in England, I now live on Lake Zürich in Switzerland with my family and dog and love having different homes, languages and cultures.

My passions are for people, stories, creativity and fun, which fits beautifully with my roles as Coach, Coach-Supervisor, artist, writer and educator.

All these roles have the same things money can’t buy in common: safe space to breathe, peace to reflect and cleaning our reality spectacles to open up new perspectives. 

Add fascination, curiosity and playfulness to this mix and right there is a recipe for magic.

It’s so much easier to see new and informative elements of ourselves and the systems we work in when we look with creatively a sense of fun and beginners’ mind openness. This is the foundation for my own Brave Voice and my invitation to play with the Brave Voice resources.

So, That’s just a little bit about me and I’m really looking forward to getting to know you too!

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