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This breathtaking book is a tribute to what a consummate creative Gillian is and that is expressed through this wonderful new book. For me, this is a living tribute to what can grow and develop in us if we open up to what is already there- our innate creative nature. Gillian has offered us all a book to call us into relationship with the words, poetry and pictures in it and by this brave voice inviting us we can reflect and connect to our own golden thread of inner artistry. A book to keep, to give and to share.

Karyn Prentice


This is a collection of such riches and depth. It can accompany you through the seasons or you can simply allow to fall open to discover another gem. Inspiration to create comes in equal measure with the opportunity to pause and reflect on times you have had or hopes for those yet to come.

When I heard about it, I thought this would be well received by our community. Having held it and dipped into the pages, this will be a missed opportunity for anyone not able to access a copy.

I can only wish you the success you deserve with this first instalment, I look forward to seeing the ReCreation Journal.

Michael Smith


‘Beautiful, provocative, resonant… every page of this book is a source of creative, metaphoric inspiration that I connected with at a deep level. It’s also an excellent addition to my toolbox of resources that will transform clients’ experience of their coaching journey.’ I profoundly connected with ‘Judge’ and ‘Labyrinth’ yesterday, and I expect that each time I open it, another image or poem will jump out with symbolic meaning – thank you so much for inviting me to play with this beautiful gift you have created. As I get to know each painting and poem better, opportunities will also present themselves to introduce them to my individual coaching clients. And the cards will be a fantastic tool for group work – such fun!!

Helen Geoghegan


What an inspiring book. It should be on the bookshelf of every, coach, supervisor, mentor wanting to deepen self-awareness and reflective practice. 

How touching to see how the author put her soul into this book. By sharing her own Choir of Brave Voices with the world, she invites us to do the same.

Every morning, I draw a card, reflect on the painting in question, read the related poem and the postscript, and reflect on the four questions while writing. 
Often, I am surprised how appropriate the poems are for what I needed at that moment. I put the card on my desk as an aid-mémoire for the day.

What a beautiful way to start the day. It brought more depth and artistry into my reflective practice.

Thea Bombeek, MCC, ESIA supervisor, author and historian of art

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