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Inspired by ‘how can we bring this alive in client sessions’ reader requests in response to her first book, ‘Choir of Brave Voices: Creative Reflection for a Seasonal Journey of Self-Discovery’, the author has created this simultaneously deeply reflective yet lighthearted compilation of ‘come and play’ party invitations. Dive into the Choir of Brave Voices ReCreation Journal and allow yourself to be transported by hands-on creativity to another dimension of awareness, innovative thinking, problem-solving, self-development and fun new ways of looking at the world.


The author brings the original art and poetry of the first ‘Choir of Brave Voice’ book and ‘Choir of Brave Voices Reflection Cards’ to life in a simple yet powerful way. She helps readers clarify where they are through ‘Party Preparation’, helps them to view the situation through multiple lenses in each 10-minute ‘ReCreation Party’ then guides deeper exploration and next steps in the ‘After Party’ reflection.


Whether you are a coach, supervisor, therapist or someone on a personal journey of self-discovery, this seasonal series of books invites you to play with problems, paint pain points and get creative with confusion. Choose a party invitation to support the situation that you or your clients want to explore, and follow the clear, simple and fun instructions to open up new ways of thinking, seeing and being.


There are 11 invitations in each volume calling readers to roll up their sleeves and ReCreate fun, artistic processes, produce uniquely creative pieces and tap into the deeper reflective learning that only your creativity can open the door to.


You are invited! Come and discover the wonderful world of hands-on thinking and creative problem-solving.

Choir of Brave Voices ReCreation Journal: Winter

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  • A hands-on, creative journal for an individual journey of self-reflection and growth or for person-centered client work (such as, coaching, supervision, therapy etc).

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