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Choir of Brave Voices: Creative Reflection for a Seasonal Journey of Self-Discovery


Who is this book for?

This book is an invitation to compassionate curiosity for:

• Anyone holding something inside that they have never said out loud.

• Anyone sensing (and probably resisting) the allurement of their own creativity.

• Anyone keeping (and most probably hiding) a creative secret from the world.

• Anyone intrigued by the rhythm and dance of seasons, nature and life.

• Anyone supporting clients on a journey of self-discovery to find their own Brave Voices.


What is this book for? For exploration, discovery and reconnection of brave, authentic voices.


This book invites you to use the seasons, images, colours, words, rhyme, rhythm and anything that catches your attention as a starting point, an inspiration, and a springboard for reflective practice. You will join your playful inner-child in creativity and allow yourself to be inspired by whatever resonates and emerges for you both. You will follow unconditional curiosity and see where it leads.


Perhaps it will lead to your own creative work, perhaps to journaling and certainly to new questions of your own. The aim of each personal, reflective journey, however you choose to take it, is to lead you bravely back to the wise voice inside yourself.


Once you are in touch with your own Brave Voice voice, it is contagious. It encourages and empowers other voices to be brave and sing their authentic songs too.

Choir of Brave Voices

SKU: 37
CHF 55.99Price
  • Full-colour creative reflection journal made from high-quality paper and filled with art, poetry and invitations designed to help you pause, think and connect with your own Brave Voice.

    Dimensions: H: 25.5cm x W: 20.5cm x D: 2.5cm
    Pages: 285
    Language: English
    Publication date: December 10th 2021
    Edition: First
    ISBN: 978-1-7399967-0-3 (Paperback)

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