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How to Nurture, Grow & Boost Confidence is a short yet powerful self-assessment and workbook that curiously and compassionately leads you through an analysis of your current confidence situation and the strength of your Brave, authentic voice. Once you have clarity on where you stand today, a workbook highlights and breaks down areas to work on. Your journey to greater confidence and a more authentic voice is supported by a simple yet effective tool that is always to hand!


How to Nurture, Grow & Boost Confidence: Self-Assessment & Workbook is a simple and powerful way to raise your confidence alone. For really spectacular results, join one of our Brave Voice creative reflection groups and take your confidence and personal development to the next level AND have fun on the journey!

How Brave are You? How to Nurture, Grow & Boost Confidence Self-Assessment

CHF 15.99Price
  • This 34-page E-book is available to download, print and work with as a pdf document.

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